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Land clearing services can prepare your property for construction work. But which land clearing services does your build site need? Below, we will share some of the most common land clearing services to help you get a feel for what your property needs.

Do I Need Land Clearing?

Generally speaking, land clearing is the first step in any construction project. This includes projects that are being built on land that’s already flat and empty. While your build site might look ready to go, it’s important to make sure that the grading, soil composition, and elevation are all correct. Land clearing is also a good opportunity to analyze your property site and plan for future projects.


For some business owners, it’s obvious when land clearing is needed. If a previous building already exists on your property, then demolition can safely and effectively remove it. The same team that performs other land clearing services can also perform your demolition, saving you time on these projects.

Excavating Vs. Land Clearing

Excavation is another common service that is performed before construction work can begin. Excavation refers to digging beneath the earth’s surface to remove excess materials and/or prepare for your project. Foundations, access roads, and service lines are all created during excavation.

Detention and Retention Ponds

Flooding and water damage are big threats to commercial properties. A detention or retention pond might be needed to control water flow and protect your property. A contractor can evaluate your land to determine if you need a detention/retention pond.

Choosing the Right Services

Many of these services are used together to create a strong foundation before a project begins. If you’re not sure which services you need, then it’s best to have a contractor inspect your property. They can tell you which services are needed, and also help you plan everything for a streamlined construction process.

Land Clearing Services in Houston, TX

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