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Is it time to show your Texas parking lot some tender loving care? The asphalt or concrete that makes up your parking lot is the first thing customers and visitors see when they arrive at your business. If you don’t keep your Texas parking lot maintained and looking great, you may turn potential customers away.

Enemies of a Texas Parking Lot

Some of the enemies of a Texas parking lot include wear and tear, traffic, debris and natural elements like heavy rains and Texas sun. When these impacts are combined, or if your lot is holding water, damage and cracks will begin to appear in the surface. Putting off having repairs carried out will only result in the damage becoming worse with time. Besides being unsightly, serious cracks may cause damage to the vehicles of visitors or result in a trip and fall accident.

Asphalt Overlay & Repairs

Even if it looks like your Texas parking lot has seen better days and you think it needs to be replaced, you may want to think again. There are a number of options to restore your parking lot that are quick, effective and don’t require taking drastic measures. Asphalt Overlay is a process where a layer of new asphalt is applied to breathe new life into your Texas parking lot.

If your Texas parking lot is generally in good shape but is obviously damaged in a particular area, repairing only the damaged area is also an option. American Parking Control can provide recommendations on the best repair options for your needs and carry out the work with minimal interruption to your business.

Asphalt Crack Sealing & Sealcoat

Crack Sealing is used to fill individual cracks where dirt and water tend to gather and do further damage over time. If you do not protect your Texas parking lot, cracks will spread like wildfire and impact the longevity of the lot. It is much more cost-effective to repair cracks with crack-sealing products than it is to replace the entire lot. This rubberized sealant moves with the pavement, which helps maintain the structural integrity of the pavement.

With Sealcoat, your Texas parking lot gets much-needed added protection from the natural elements, as well as certain contaminants. UV light, moisture, and oil will eventually destroy a parking lot that is out in the open and experiences heavy traffic.

For more information on options for sprucing up your Texas parking lot, give American Parking Control a call today.  We have the tools and experience to keep your parking lot in top shape.