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For asphalt paving, temperature matters. However, few business owners realize this. Paving at a certain time of year can have a huge benefit on the quality of your project. Choose the right asphalt paving temperature by following the tips below.

Why Asphalt Paving Temperature is Important

Wet asphalt is in a soft, malleable state. Construction crews then compact the asphalt before it cools and hardens. If it’s not warm enough outside, then the asphalt may harden too quickly. This makes it hard to compact the asphalt, which can lead to road problems in the future. The right asphalt paving temperature means that crews can easily compact the asphalt, giving you high-quality pavement that lasts.

Mix, Ambient, and Ground Temperatures

There are a few different types of temperature that should be considered before asphalt is laid. Firstly, the mix temperature refers to the actual asphalt before it is installed. The mix temperature is something construction crews can monitor before their projects begin.

Ambient and ground temperatures are another story. Ambient temperature is what we generally think of as “the weather”. Essentially, it’s the temperature of the air outside. Ground temperature describes the surface on which the asphalt will be installed. Of course, construction crews have no control over these temperatures. Therefore, it’s important that they wait until they are warm enough to lay the asphalt correctly. Generally, the ambient temperature needs to be above 50 for at least several days before the project begins.

Planning Your Project

While winter might not be the best time to lay asphalt, it’s a great time to plan your asphalt project. The spring and summer seasons book fast, so it’s always good to book your pavement services in advance. The winter is also a great time to look ahead at the upcoming year. By scheduling all of your construction and maintenance at once, you can save time and money all year long.

Get Ready for Asphalt Paving Season

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