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Stamping asphalt is an easy way to create an elegant look on your property. The process is quick, easy, and offers beautiful results. However, many people don’t even know that stamping asphalt is an option! Read on to learn more about this technique.

What is Stamping Asphalt?

Stamping asphalt is the process of stamping designs or patterns into freshly paved asphalt. Usually, the stamped designs mimic bricks or cobbles. The stamps create the look of a more complex design for a fraction of the time and money.

Stamping Asphalt Process

The stamping process is generally straightforward. Firstly, you will work with contractors to choose the right stamped pattern for your pavement. After picking your design, a template is made in steel or wire to match your desired shape. Asphalt is laid at a specific temperature and then stamped using the template to ensure an even look. Paint can also be added after the stamping, which can change the pavement color or add a non-slip coating.

Why Choose Stamped Asphalt?

There are plenty of reasons to choose stamping. Firstly, it’s an affordable option. Asphalt is far cheaper than stone or brick. Plus, its durability means that you will save money on maintenance down the line. Moreover, when asphalt does need maintenance, it is generally cheaper and easier to repair than other materials. Another reason people love stamping is because it’s fast to install. With such a simple installation process, you can have a completely new pavement look in no time.

Creating a Look That Fits Your Style

Stamped asphalt is also easily customizable. You can also choose from a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to create the right look for your property. Stamped asphalt allows you to change the look of your pavement without the hassle.

Is Stamping Asphalt Right For You?

Stamped pavement is a great option for a variety of home and business owners. But is it right for you? Schedule a consultation with American Parking Control to learn more about your pavement options. We’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your needs. Explore our website or give us a call to learn more.