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If you are preparing for a construction project, then you know that your build site matters. During site preparation, a construction team will create a solid base for your new structure. But what type of site preparation is right for your project? We will explain some common types below so you can plan accordingly.

Land Clearing

In order to build, you must first start with clear land. Sometimes, vacant land might appear to be ready for new construction. However, small plants, bushes, and trees can get in the way. Land clearing will remove any obstacles from your build site so the construction process can run smoothly. Land cleaning might also include demolition. During demolition, a construction crew will remove buildings or other manmade objects from your land.

Runoff and Drainage Solutions

Water is a common source of damage, so you should plan your construction project accordingly. Detention ponds and retention ponds will control rainwater to help to stop flooding. Storm sewers can also be installed during your site preparation to prevent flooding. The type of drainage you need will depend on your build location and construction project. Your contractor can help you plan accordingly.

Other Types of Preparation

Since every piece of land is different, every site preparation is unique. We offer soil stabilization, land excavation, and other services to our clients depending on their needs. We also offer a variety of concrete and asphalt services for strong construction. Our construction teams can maintain your construction work and offer suggestions for improvements. We can take care of your overall construction needs for a seamless process, start to finish.

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