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Site preparation is a crucial part of construction. However, it can be a confusing topic for many business owners. This is because every property will have different prep needs. Below, we will share 5 common site preparation services that your land might need. Use this list as a guide when planning your project.

1- Land Clearing

Land clearing is when a crew removes vegetation from an area. This process removes trees, shrubs, and other types of plants from a construction site. A land clearing crew will remove this material in a safe and eco-friendly matter.

2- Demolition

If a building already exists on your build site, then you will probably need a demolition. This service involves a crew removing buildings (or parts of buildings) so that new developments can be constructed on the property.

3- Excavation

Excavation is another service that gets land ready for new construction. Excavation is when a crew moves the earth to create a hole, trench, or tunnel. This service is important for building foundations and will help your property stand strong.

4- Soil Stabilization

The chemical makeup of your soil matters. Soil stabilization is when a team of experts alter your soil to be more suitable for your type of construction project. Soil stabilization helps pavement to lay correctly and also makes roads safer for weather conditions.

5- Detention Ponds

If your property is prone to water issues, then a detention pond might help. Detention ponds are basins created using excavation. They temporarily hold excess water, which helps with flooding, erosion, and your overall water quality.

Need More Information?

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