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Sealcoating, also known as pavement sealing, is the application of a protective layer of coating to asphalt pavements and parking lots. This serves to protect the pavement from water, snow, liquid from vehicles, and UV rays from the sun. The sealcoating material is a mixture of rejuvenating asphaltic oil, mineral fillers (usually sand) and water.

Learn more about Sealcoating below:

Why is it important?

Your pavement is a substantial investment for your business or family. Preventing its deterioration through maintenance is proven to reduce long-term costs to replace it. In addition to protecting your pavement from the elements, here are some other advantages of applying sealcoating:

  • It gives your pavement a clean and polished look for a relatively low cost!
  • Without sealcoating, your asphalt pavement will deteriorate, and some pavements are only designed to last for 5/6 years.
  • With sealcoating and proper maintenance, it could last well over 20 years!
  • Without sealcoating to protect it, parking lots need to be repaved and repaired more frequently, leading to more expenses.
  • Sealcoating makes pavement repairs less noticeable and further protects the repairs and saw-cut joints from water infiltration.

When to apply sealcoating to your parking lot

After the asphalt surface is laid, you need to wait for 3-6 months before applying sealcoating. By then, enough oil has escaped the pavement to allow curing and the road is ready for the sealcoat. From then on, sealcoating needs to be applied every 1/2 years (depending on traffic, weather and application thickness) to maintain appearance and performance and increase the longevity of the asphalt pavement.
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