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Water damage can have a major impact on a house’s foundation. This is why a high-quality drainage system is so important for homeowners. But which drainage system is right for your property? Below, we will explore the most popular types of residential drainage systems. This will help you choose the right option for your yard.

Systems on the Surface

Some drainage systems sit on top of your property. These are usually best for distributing large amounts of water. While homeowners sometimes use these systems, they are more common for businesses. However, homeowners who have flat properties sometimes find these systems work best. A contractor or landscaper can help you design a subtle surface drainage system for your home.

Subsurface Drainage Systems

Subsurface drainage systems are much more common for residential use. There are many different types of subsurface drains, including area drains and french drains. These are installed underneath your yard. They work by absorbing extra moisture from the soil. These systems are great for flooding after a rainstorm or also just for managing a home’s general drainage needs.

Other Important Things to Consider

Choosing a residential drainage system really depends on your type of home. For instance, think about the design of your yard and also how much water naturally collects on your property. You should also think about whether your yard is sloped or flat. Finally, if your home has a basement, then that can also affect your drainage needs.

Residential Drainage Systems in Houston

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