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Business is tough enough as it is. Potholes are an ugly nuisance no one wants to deal with (other than us!). Potholes have the potential to significantly impact your bottom line because they can lead to slips/trips/falls for customers, damage to vehicles and even vehicle accidents. And…it’ll cost you more if you delay repairing it!

When water seeps into the ground under a paved road, it can destabilize the soil causing it to expand and contract. The force of that soil movement can be enough to crack and break concrete or asphalt pavements. Over time, as vehicles pass over the weakened area, potholes and other failures can occur. Once one pothole pops up, that failure area will start to grow as the edges fail and water collects and sits in the low-lying pothole longer causing the adjacent areas to destabilize.

Here are some reasons why you need to repair those potholes quickly:

Hazardous to Pedestrians & Vehicles

In addition to damaging their vehicles, potholes are also a trip hazard. If a visitor trips and gets seriously injured on your premises, you could be held liable.

Destroys Curb Appeal

A well-maintained parking area speaks volumes to your clients that you’re taking care of their interests in the same manner. Potholes, on the other hand, might be an indication to
your customers that your business is not doing well or that you are putting profits over safety. If you don’t properly maintain your parking lot, it’s bound to affect customer traffic.

Not Doing it Now Actually Costs More Money!

The longer you wait to repair a pothole, the worse it’s going to get! The worse it gets, the more it costs to fix. It is more affordable to repair one pothole now than several in the

At the first sign of cracking or potholes on your concrete or asphalt pavement, reach out to construction companies that specialize in pavement maintenance and repairs.
For quick, professional, and cost-efficient concrete and asphalt pavement repairs in Houston, look no further than American Parking Control. Call 281-328-8296 for inquiries or to make an