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Persons with disabilities are provided with a number of rights under The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For commercial premises and business owners, the ADA requires compliance in order to avoid fines, injuries, and lawsuits. The most important aspect of the law is that people with disabilities are provided the legal right to access services and amenities that others may take for granted – including parking lot safety.

Parking Lot Access Issues

If you own or operate a parking lot, there are various issues that could result in a violation of the rights protected by the ADA. Parking lots that are non-compliant with the ADA may result in injury to a disabled person accessing the property, even if you have provisions in place to allow equal access.

Violations, such as inadequate slope, are often enough to deem a parking lot as non-compliant. The requirement states that the maximum slope in any parking spaces for the disabled is two percent on all sides. You also cannot create ADA parking without including all correspondent markings. The markings must be correctly ordered and clearly signposted to ensure parking lot safety in accordance with the ADA.

ADA Parking Lot Safety Standards

It is not enough to guesstimate the requirements necessary to comply with the ADA. It is important to familiarize yourself with the compliant design standards. Additionally, businesses are required to adopt any parking lots that do not comply with current standards. If you are concerned that your parking is not up to date and may be in violation of the required parking lot safety, according to the ADA, you can refer to the official dot gov website.

American Parking Control can carry out all necessary amendments to ensure your parking lot is compliant with the ADA. Call today to discuss your parking lot safety needs with a member of our estimating team.