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At American Parking Control, we know that the key to providing consistently excellent service lies in training. Our Lean Construction program is designed to help tradesmen take both their technical and customer service skills to the next level. Keep reading to learn what makes Lean Construction tradesmen different.

What is the Lean Construction Program?

Lean Construction principles were first developed by the International Group for Lean Construction in the 1990s. These principles were designed to transform the construction industry with new tools and techniques to improve productivity, development, and communication during the construction process. Our Lean Construction program brings these principles to tradesmen in Houston, preparing local project managers to cut costs and increase client satisfaction by identifying the most valuable parts of their projects.

Benefits For Workers and Customers

The Lean Construction program gives you an opportunity to learn new business skills while also networking with other top professionals in the area. But construction professionals aren’t the only people who benefit from Lean training! Lean Construction training also directly benefits your clients, by cutting wasteful spending and increasing efficiency during projects. Lean Construction is proven to save both time & money and leads to higher quality.

Learn More About the Lean Construction Program

We would love to help you elevate your project or pavement with our Lean Construction program. To learn more about Lean Construction, click here. For additional information call us at 281-328-8296.