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Water drainage is an important factor for any builder to consider, especially in Houston, TX. Proper water drainage will help your property withstand a variety of weather conditions and will also help to ensure the safety of the people using your parking lot or building. Below are some of our most popular water drainage options for you to consider.

Concrete Construction for DrainageRunoff – Drains Faster on Concrete Which Results in Less % Fall Required. (0.5%)

There are many ways that builders and contractors can use concrete to help with drainage on your property. A Curb & Gutter system is one of the most obvious drainage options, and the right contractor will be able to assess your property to place these strategically. A strong foundation is also paramount to preventing water damage. If you are constructing a new property, our team at American Parking Control will assist you in creating a specially-designed concrete foundation to help with water management.

AsphaltFor Drainage – Drains Slower Than Concrete

Asphalt is another great material for water management as it is naturally porous and helps with water absorption. Asphalt’s surface is rougher than concrete and because of that it drains slower. We recommend a design to have no less than 1.5% slope to ensure water drains without ponding. By using concrete and asphalt together, your contractor and builders will be able to control water drainage easily. In addition to water management benefits, asphalt is also affordable and easily customizable.

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