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Concrete patios are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. However, these patios can occasionally face damage. If you notice changes in your patio, then you might start to panic. But don’t worry! We can help you deal with concrete patio sinking and other common issues. Learn more below.

What Causes is Concrete Patio Sinking?

Patio sinking can be caused by a few different things. However, most issues can be traced back to problems with the soil underneath the patio. Sometimes, only a part of the concrete is supported, which causes the other part of the concrete to shrink. The soil might also move, shrink, or compact, which can affect the concrete. The type of soil used is another common culprit. Your soil must be able to bear the weight of your patio.

Other Common Concrete Patio Issues

While concrete sinking is common, other concrete issues can affect patios as well. Cracks, weather damage, and staining can all occur over time. Regular maintenance will help to keep your patio looking like new. Simple cleaning and/or patch repairs can usually fix surface damage. However, larger issues might require more involved work.

Concrete Patio Sinking Solutions

There are a few different options for fixing sunken patios. A construction team might be able to lift and level your concrete. This is a relatively quick and easy fix. However, severe sinks might need to be replaced completely. Getting a professional consultation is the best way to know what type of repair you need.

Call Us to Learn More

If you are dealing with concrete patio sinking, then call American Parking Control. Our experts understand the different types of concrete damage and can help you find the best solution. Working with a professional team will give you peace of mind. Best of all? You’ll also get quick results without the stress of a DIY project. Call us at 281-328-8296.