Maintenance Lot Parking Lot Repairs

The Avis at 7701 Monroe Needed Major Repairs to the Large Maintenance Lot

The Avis at 7701 Monroe is located adjacent to Hobby Airport, and near the property is a massive 128,000 square foot maintenance lot that Avis uses for its vehicles. American Parking Control was called to inspect and repair the lot, and during inspection our team found numerous failure points where deep potholes had emerged. Most were flooded.

APC’s job was to demuck and grind all failures down to their base, haul off the spoils, and compact 350 tons worth of imported crushed concrete into the resulting holes. Further, APC was responsible for regrading the 128,000 square foot lot for proper drainage.

How APC Repaired Avis’ Maintenance Lot

The project’s scope was significant, as the entire lot required some measure of work. Here’s a bit more detail on what the APC team did to restore it back to a usable state:

  • Grind down any failed areas. During grinding, the deteriorated part of the concrete is removed using diamond-tipped concrete saws. Specifically, a series of saws is passed over the failed concrete like a wood planer. Once the failures are grinded down, the damaged pavement can be removed.
  • Demuck all failures and haul off the spoils. Where pavement fails, it’s common for the underlying soil to be of poor composition – such as organic material or clays. During the Avis project (and many APC projects), we removed the “muck” resulting from the interaction between water and the underlying soil. Removing this muck is essential before pavement repairs and regrading can be performed. Following demucking, we removed the spoils and hauled them offsite.
  • Import and compact crushed concrete into failures. Crushed concrete was the pavement replacement of choice, as Avis’ maintenance lot was not used for public traffic. APC imported 350 tons of material, transported it to the site and compacted it into the failed spots.
  • Regrade the lot. Following compaction, APC graded the failures to ensure an even surface and to promote better drainage throughout the lot.

The APC Team Has Proven Expertise In Lot Repair and Regrading

While American Parking Control typically works with pavement, either concrete or asphalt, the project at 7701 Monroe included minimal actual pavement work. Instead, the Avis project tested APC’s ability to perform large-scale regrading, leveling, and compacting.

After APC’s work, the Avis maintenance lot was ready to accommodate its vehicle fleet again. We can perform the same large-scale work for your property. Whether your lots are responsible for holding a fleet of vehicles or just provide parking for customers, the APC team can keep them in good shape. And if lot replacement or construction is required, American Parking Control can also help with that. As the 7701 Monroe project demonstrated, APC has the resources and people needed to maintain parking facilities of any size.