Completed Projects

Having an experience of more than three decades, APC has been promising in delivering the best for every project it has undertaken. Our clients’ satisfaction guarantees our exceptional service. With a wide range of customers from Dallas to Corpus and Laredo to New Orleans, we have completed several projects which even included work requested by municipal for paving and drainage improvements.

Not only the commercial businesses rely upon us, but we are trusted by the universities too. One of our finest projects was installing geo fabric and asphalt paving in the busy University of Houston.

What makes us unique is completing a challenging project in a minimum number of days so we don’t disturb the hard work of your employees in meeting your business goals.

Whether it is placement of asphalt for parking, excavating existing concrete, or addressing potholes, we do all with a professional touch. For our projects, we also offer services like civil construction, property survey layout, soil stabilization, storm sewer installation, commercial building concrete foundation, and concrete paving.

Some of our completed projects include but are not limited to:

Commercial Asphalt and Pothole Repair
Concrete Paving For Foundation
New Concrete Foundation and Construction
Asphalt Repair, Sealcoating, & Parking Lot Striping
Commercial Asphalt Repair and Replacement
Maintenance Lot Parking Lot Repairs
Emergency Storm Sewer Repair
Foundation and Paving
Bank Parking Lot
Chemical Production Facility Parking
Chemical Production Facility Parking
Corpus Foundation
Corpus Foundation
28520 Tomball Pkwy Project
Anheuser Busch Asphalt Paving
Pinnacle Propane - Baytown
Pinnacle Propane
Asphalt Trench - 28520 Tomball Pkwy
Tomball Pkwy
Village Square Foundation
Village Square Foundation
City of Pattison
City of Pattison
Fire Training Facility
Fire Training Facility