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Business owners want parking lots to look their best, so choosing the right surface is crucial. The two main contenders, asphalt and concrete, both have advantages. There are some crucial differences, however, which may tip the scales, when it comes to the needs of your business.

Considerations when choosing the right material for parking lots should include cost, durability, aesthetics and the amount and type of traffic the business expects to handle. Both materials have their merits and, with recommended maintenance, are well worth the investment.

Asphalt Parking Lots

Aesthetically, asphalt parking lots are ideal for businesses that want to stand out. The sheer surface lends itself perfectly to bright yellow or white parking lines and directions. You are limited with the types of finish you can get with asphalt parking lots, but improvements are being explored in that respect.

Asphalt is not as hard-wearing as concrete; it degrades faster. This problem can be addressed with regular maintenance and is something worth considering when thinking about cost. Asphalt typically requires maintenance every 4-5 years for resealing, and repairs are easy to carry out. An asphalt parking lot will typically last around 20 years, with regular maintenance.

Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete has lower maintenance requirements but is more expensive to install. The good news is there are more options when it comes to finishes you can achieve with concrete. Parking lots that experience high traffic from heavy vehicles may benefit from the durability concrete offers.

In hotter temperatures, concrete parking lots fare much better than asphalt. On the other hand, if temperatures begin to dip below freezing, concrete is liable to literally start showing the cracks. Although this is not generally a problem in Houston, the lows do occasionally dip below freezing and have been documented to be in the single digits, albeit rarely.

Expert Consultation

If you are unsure which material is best suited to your business needs, American Parking Control can provide expert consultation. We are Houston’s expert concrete and asphalt company, staffed by a team of professionals who understand the role parking lots play attracting new customers and retaining existing customers.

Reach out to American Parking Control today if you are planning on installing a new parking lot in the Houston area. We want to work with you to create a new beginning for your business, with a fresh look that will make customers, visitors or clients feel welcome.