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Both bitumen and asphalt are commonly used in construction projects. Usually, the terms seem to refer to the same substance. So is there a difference between the two, or are the words used interchangeably? It depends on a few different factors. Read on to learn the difference between bitumen vs. asphalt.

Bitumen Vs. Asphalt: Is There a Difference?

Learning the difference between bitumen vs. asphalt can be confusing, because the terms actually mean different things in different parts of the world. In the UK, the word “bitumen” actually refers to what we in the US call “asphalt”. Thus, many countries use these terms to mean the same thing. However, here in the US, they mean different things.

Asphalt, in American English, refers to the fine sand or gravel paving material commonly used on roads. Bitumen refers to the semi-solid material that holds the asphalt material together. Bitumen is now used in the same way that tar was used in the past. Since tar is no longer considered a safe substance for construction, bitumen is used due to its similar color, texture, and strength.

When is Asphalt Used?

Asphalt is used in countless construction projects. It’s one of the most popular construction materials on the market because it is durable, reliable, and also relatively inexpensive. If you are looking to pave, re-pave, or repair a road, then asphalt is one of the best materials for the job. Click here to see some of the most popular asphalt services.

When is Bitumen Used?

Bitumen isn’t usually used on its own. However, it is a key ingredient for asphalt, which means it is used while your asphalt is being mixed. Bitumen is also an important ingredient in asphalt recycling, as new bitumen can refresh old asphalt so that it is ready to be reused. As the world becomes more eco-friendly, bitumen will become more important than ever.

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