Why Potholes Are Bad for Business

When water seeps into the ground under a paved road, it causes the pavement to expand and contract, making the surface weaker. When vehicles pass over the weakened area, potholes are formed. In the driveway/parking lot of a business location, potholes are nuisances with the potential to damage vehicles and cause accidents.

Here are some reasons why you need to repair those potholes quickly:

  1. Potholes damage your business’ curb appeal
  2. A well-maintained parking area gives your building a good appeal and it improves customer perception. Potholes, on the other hand, tell customers you don’t care about your outlook and their vehicles. If you don’t repair it quickly, it’s bound to affect customer traffic.

  3. They cause needless vehicle damage
  4. Potholes cause major damage to vehicles’ tires and suspensions. When customers realize that your driveway is why they spend so much more money on car repairs, they may start to avoid your business.

  5. They are a hazard for visitors
  6. In addition to damaging their vehicles, potholes are also a trip hazard. If a visitor trips up and gets seriously injured on your premises, you may be held liable.

  7. You may end up spending more on repairs in the future
  8. The longer you take to repair a pothole, the more damaged it gets and the more costly to fix. Furthermore, potholes are often indicative of a bigger problem, perhaps faulty drainage on your property. This may lead to more potholes in the future; it is cheaper to repair one now than several in the future.

At the first sign of cracking or potholes on your asphalt pavement, reach out to construction companies that specialize in pavement maintenance and repairs.

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