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We all know that asphalt is a great material for roads and driveways. However, there are many other asphalt uses that you might not know about. Asphalt is strong, durable, and also easy to install, which makes it a wonderful option for all sorts of applications. Below, we’ll share 4 asphalt uses you might not know about.

1- Farming and Agriculture

There are many asphalt uses that those in the farming industry need to know about. Of course, asphalt can be used to create pavements and access roads throughout your farm. However, it can also be used to create livestock pens, retention ponds, and more. Asphalt is a great material for commercial uses (like farming) as its durable, versatile, and affordable.

2- Graffiti Repair

Graffiti can be annoying and difficult to remove. Many business owners turn to power washing or a fresh coat of paint, but it can take multiple tries to fully clean the building surface. Why not try an asphalt repair instead? Black asphalt paint provides full coverage at an affordable price. Best of all? It easily covers graffiti with a single coat.

3- Decoration and Artwork

Asphalt isn’t just for practical purposes! Lots of people use this material to create beautiful designs around their home or business. Unique looks can be created using stamping, edging, painting, and other techniques. Some artists have even created beautiful visual artwork using asphalt. The possibilities are truly endless.

4- Flood Prevention

This is something that all Texans certainly think about. Flooding can be devastating, and those of us in Hurricane zones need to be especially careful. Asphalt is a great option for flood prevention as it is water-resistant. It can prevent building leaks and is also often used to build reservoirs or dams. Whether you are concerned about soil erosion, flooding, or hurricane damage, this is a great option for you.

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