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Porous asphalt is the prevalent choice for paving sidewalks and parking lots and the reason for this is clear: it is cost-efficient, easy to maintain, and good for the environment. This pavement has small holes on its surface to allow water to sink into the soil below; this helps it to last long as it enables water to run off its surface after rainfalls.

If you take good care of your porous asphalt pavement, it will serve you for many years. Here are some maintenance tips to help you along:

    1. Always keep your pavement clean
      Always keep your porous asphalt pavement free of debris. If it is in a driveway or parking space in a private residence, it is good practice to sweep it up once or twice per week. Public sidewalks or big parking lots in business places that see a lot of foot traffic may require daily vacuuming by a cleaning service.
    2. Check the surface of your pavement after heavy storms
      After a heavy downpour, check the surface of your porous asphalt pavement for signs of clogging up from dirt. You can prevent (or reduce) this by reducing the bushes or trees close to the pavement.
    3. Pressure wash your pavement regularly
      Use high-pressure water to remove debris from the surface of your pavement on a regular basis. Porous asphalt pavements in regions that experience heavy snowing during winter may require pressure washing more regularly than others. The sand used to clear up the snow often blocks the holes in the pavement. Regions with high humidity may also need to pressure wash more regularly due to the growth of mold and moss in the holes.

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